The Oddfits (The Oddfits Series Book 1) - Tiffany Tsao

Why was I so surprised by how odd this book is? It's right there in the title: 'Oddfits'. It's about people who don't fit in, who are so obviously and fundamentally out of tune with where they are that it's clear that, although they're here, they belong somewhere else.


Yet I didn't expect a Roal Dahl meets Kafka reading experience that made me feel so off-balance. That I, the reader, was the oddfit who can't quite grasp what is expected of me or what I should expect of the author. I'm not sure what's going on or what is likely to happen next. It feels like being thrown around on a fairground ride. The only option is to give up control and go with the ride. Which is part of why I hate fairground rides.


If I'm going to read this book to the end, I'll need to find a place to stand and quite soon.