Redhead By The Side Of The Road - Anne Tyler, MacLeod Andrews realise that you think exactly the same thing as the guy in the book who is supposed to be socially maladroit. or just plain weird.


Micah, the IT Hermit, is having dinner with his four sisters and their families when they decide to try and find an old girlfriend of his from twenty years earlier. 



"She still got her same last name?.

He had taken his cellphone out and was stabbing it with his index finger.

'Nobody on earth lists their phone number anymore,' Micah told him.

'Îs she on Facebook?'

'Not if she's in her right mind she's not.'

'I don't know how you can say that,' Suze told him. 'If I weren't on Facebook I wouldn't know what a single highschool friend of mine was up to.'

'You care what you're highschool friends are up to?' Micah asked.


I listened to the dialogue, knew it was supposed to be funny but found myself going, 'What's funny about that? That's exactly what I'd say.'