Bath needs to be seen on foot. Much of it is hidden if you go by car. Today I went down the hill to find some of the quirkier buildings and byways.


This is the old Corn Market building at the bottom of the hill. This street used to be where farmers came to trade corn and cattle. It had its own abattoir. These days it's the cente of all the artisan shops selling the fittings you need for renovating Georgian or Victorian buildings or putting in modern kitchens and bathrooms.


You go up the from here like this:



A little further along you find the Hedgemead Park, which was called the Hedgemead Pleasure Grounds when it opened in 1889.




It was laid out after the houses that had recently been built there were swept away in a flood caused by the builder failing to divert the streams properly. No one would buy the land so the Council took it, cleared it and its still there.


From there you go up again:



Along the street, opposite a famous Georgian crescent (built by the same guy who failed to divert the streams) you get a rather cheeky Victorian building which is the only one I'm aware of in Bath that has palm trees in the garden.