The Paper Eater - Liz Jensen The Little Drummer Girl - John le Carré The Holiday - T.M. Logan, Laura Kirman

I seem to have books I'm a bit stuck with at the moment. I have hopes for all of them but they're a test of faith at the moment.


"The Paper Eater" is an out-there piece of SF which I think is meant to be a satire but it has unsympathetic characters and innovative punctuation that I find distracting.


"The Little Drummer Girl" is fine, if slow, while I'm listening to it but it's not something I find myself rushing to get back to. I've been using it as the soundtrack to my daily one hour walks.


My wife really enjoyed "The Holiday". I found the first chapter a bit thin but I'm told great things are to come.


I hope you all have a great reading weekend.