Elizabeth: Obstinate Headstrong Girl - Leigh Dreyer, Christina Morland, Amy D'Orazio, Beau North, Jenetta James, Christina Boyd, Joana Starnes, Karen Cox, Elizabeth   Adams, Nina Croft

This was published today and announced its presence in my ebook library with a "Of course you'll want to start this now. Why else did you pre-order it?* look on its face.


So, I've decided to add it to my *Pride, Prejudice and Pastiches" reading challenge. It's the only short story collection in the challenge so I'm going to try and weave the stories in between the other books.


So far, I've only read the foreword by Tessa Dare, but even that made me smile. Here's a sample:


"This is the gift Jane Austen gave us in Elizabeth Bennet. She created a heroine in which “obstinate, headstrong girl” inhabits the same space as “dearest, loveliest Elizabeth.” Four strong qualities, all indivisible parts of a whole. She is opinionated and adored, stubborn and respected, imperfect and loved. Is it any wonder she has delighted and inspired readers for over two centuries? I’d go so far as to say Lizzy deserves credit for Mr. Darcy’s devoted following, too. We love Darcy because he’s smart enough to love Elizabeth—a woman worthy of being pleased."


My thanks to Olga for sharing her views on her ARC of this book.