Real Murders (Aurora Teagarden Book 1) - Charlaine Harris

...sometimes it's the smallest details that display cultural differences the best.


Our heroine has a distressed friend come unexpectedly to her door. As it's lunchtime, she offers him something to eat. Normal so far - at least my normal - then I read:


It’s hard to perform like Hannah Housewife when you’ve had no warning, but I microwaved a frozen ham and cheese sandwich, poured some potato chips out of a bag, and scraped together a rather depressing salad.


And now I'm completely distracted. A grown woman, living alone and she has no food in the house? And she needs "warning* before she can cook a meal? That's weird.


But the truly strange thing, the one I'd like independent confirmation of is: DO PEOPLE REALLY KEEP HAM AND CHEESE SANDWICHES IN THEIR FREEZER?


Surely not. FROZEN ham and cheese sandwiches? FROZEN cheese? FROZEN white bread? FROZEN ham?


And if they do, would they really MICROWAVE one and offer it as FOOD to a guest?


I find I'm more stunned by this than by any of the (fairly nasty) murders.


So, for the American and especially Texan members here, please let me know, is this something someone would actually do?