The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches  - Alan Bradley

This book is creeping me out in all the wrong ways. This is my 6th Flavia De Luce book. I enjoyed the first five. This one changes the direction of the series, which is fine, but it also changes the character of Flavia De Luce, which isn't.


I'd expected a cozy mystery. Something where eleven-year-old Flavia uses her unique intelligence and her knowledge of poisons to solve a murder while trying to find a place to be happy in her fractured family.


What I got is an eleven-year-old girl planning to resurrect the very dead mother who is lying in state in their stately home.


I also got some kind of bizarre spy theme squeezed in, presumably to fuel future books.


I find the plot around the mother creepy. I don't want to work through whatever embarrassing or grief provoking outcome it's going to produce.


The spy thing doesn't interest me. Flavia as a 1950s English version of Spy Kids doesn't sound appealing.


So I'm abandoning the book and the series.


My bingo game is going to suffer for this. I used a Transfiguration Spell to put Cozy Mystery on my board and now I've DNF'd two books in a row that I was reading for that square.


I'm going to try "Real Murders", the first Aurora Teagarden book and see if I can make it all the way through that.