Generally, in order to qualify for Halloween bingo, all books must fit into one of the general genres of horror, mystery, suspense or supernatural. This space is filled by any Halloween bingo book that has been adapted to film or television. For extra fun, you can watch the adaptation - although this is an optional add on!


"Sidney Chambers and The Shadow Of Death Granchester #1"


Mystery stories set in 1950s England where charismatic upper-class, athletic vicar solves crime with the help of a slightly disreputable working-class police Inspector.


"Sharp Objects" by Gillian Flynn


Dark and twisted Southern Gothic novel by Gillian Flynn that was made into an almost as dark TV series by HBO


The Magicians" by Lev Grossman


Coming of age story for the magically gifted who have been raised in ignorance, get to try out for magic school. This is not Hogwarts. These are not children. The line between good and evil, entitled and excluded, righteous and corrupt depends on who is drawing it.


"Hemlock Grove" by Brian McGreevy


Slightly tacky gothic creep show novel turned into something more interesting by Netflicks.


"The Terror" by Dan Simmons


Sprawling nearly 1,000-page spooky historical fiction of Victorian men pitting themselves against the elements, each other and the supernatural on a quest for the Northwest Passage that turns into a struggle for survival. It was turned into a TV series last year. Season two is scheduled for release this year.


"A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness


I've only read the first book in this trilogy about a professor coming into her powers as a witch but it was fun and Sky have now turned it into TV that seems good to look at.