An Argumentation of Historians: The Chronicles of St. Mary's - Jodi Taylor, Zara Ramm

I'd resolved to read only from my TBR pile unless something truly exceptional came along.


Well, surely the newest volume in The Chronicles Of St Mary's has to count?


I pre-ordered it and it's been sitting neglected for nearly two weeks now so I couldn't possibly put it off any further.


I've just started and the magic is back, this time featuring a trip, sorry, assignment, to see, sorry, observe, Henry VIII.


The last volume "And The Rest Is History" was so traumatising that it left me feeling a bit battered. It seems I was not alone. Jodi Taylor says in her introduction that her publisher's asked her to make this one more upbeat. So why when Max, arrived safely in Henry's England says, " It had been a bad year but it was over now. I could look forward to the future," do I not believe her?