A Study in Charlotte - Brittany Cavallaro

I'm just a little over half an hour into the first Charlotte Holmes book, "A Study In Charlotte" and I'm happy that this modern day pairing of the teen descendants of Holmes and Watson appears as if it's going to be fun BUT I'm abandoning the audiobook version.


The book has two narrators, Graham Halstead for Jamie Watson, an American raised born in Connecticut but initially educated at an English Public School, and Julia Whelan for Charlotte Holmes. Graham Halstead opens and I never managed to get past his performance. Most of it is fine but his English accents are terrible. Not Dick Van Dyke awful but not good enough to match the right accent to the right class.


Of all the wonderful narrators out there wouldn't it have been possible to find Americans who do English accents as well as Paltrow or Anderson or perhaps take the radical step of using narrators who are actually English?


Still, at least audible took the book back with no questions asked and I can now move on with the kindle version.