Secret Asset - Stella Rimington

Secret Asset" is a credible, competent but unexceptional spy thriller. It eschews melodrama but doesn't have much to put in its place other than counter-espionage procedures that are interesting but not exciting.


The audiobook is four hours long, split into four one hour chapters.  This structure disciplined the exposition in a way that made me feel as if I were attending a briefing: Context, Problem, Problem-solving, Denouement.


I enjoyed the clever way the ghosts of the Troubles in Northern Ireland where linked to modern-day home-grown Islamic terrorism.  I thought the characterisation of the main players was more deftly done than in the first Liz Carlyle book, "At Risk".


I didn't figure out the plot. I did believe the politics, or at least the Irish side of it that I am familiar with. "Secret Asset held my interest for four hours but it won't stay in my memory long.