Originator: A Cassandra Kresnov Novel - Joel Shepherd

"Originator" is the sixth and (apparently) the last Cassandra Kresnov book. I'm sad to see this series end. I've enjoyed every book. Each one has taken me deeper into this world, Each one has seen Kresnov grow and become more complex, more powerful and yet, somehow, more likable.


*Originator" has all the things that made the other books compelling: political intrigue, battle scenes, humour, philosophical musings on what it means to be human, and a perfectly paced plot


As befits the last book of a series, it brings together a number of characters from earlier plot lines and fully completes the story arc in a satisfying way, without making everything so neat and tidy that is seams false.


In this book, Cassandra finally brings into focus the idea that she and the other GIs really are a separate, physically superior, species and not just a synthetic imitation of humanity. She has to decide what that means. The plot of the story herds her into a position where she is forced to choose between loyalty to her own species and loyalty to humanity. Her response is original, life-affirming and fundamentally Kresnov.

As we edge towards the possibility of independent AIs, I can only hope that they'll be like Cassandra Kresnov when they grew up.


I'm addicted to Joel Shepherd now, so, with no more Kresnov to read, I'll be starting on his "Spiral Wars" trilogy, but it will have to be pretty damn good to push Kresnov off the top of my "THIS is what Military SF SHOULD be" pile.