Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

I'm over a decade late joining the Mercy Thompson party (partly  because I was put off by the, mostly inaccurate, covers) but now that I've read the first one, I want the rest RIGHT NOW:

I finally picked up "Moon Called" when I found that I was going to be trapped on another long-haul flight where they lock me in a steal tube for nine hours at a time. It was a good choice, time flew by and Patricia Briggs now has a new fan.

"Moon Called" is Urban Fantasy as it should be. There's a likeable, kickass heroine who was raised by werewolves, makes her living fixing German cars, can take on the shape of a Coyote at will and is happy to spend time with fey, vampires, werewolves and humans as long as they're interested in cars. There's a complex cast of weres and vampires and fey and humans who are written up as people rather than game avatars. There's a nicely curly plot with strong action scenes but with a pace slow enough to give me time to get to know people.

The whole thing has a positive, feel-good vibe to it without getting cosy and losing its edge.

Perhaps the main thing is that I like Mercy Thompson and  want to know what happens to her.

So of course I immediately went back to to buy the next few books in the series (hey, who needs a smaller TBR pile anyway?) only to find that books 2-6 are not available. I HATE IT when this happens.  It usually means an argument about rights somewhere. I hope they get it sorted out soon. I could buy the ebooks but I'd prefer listen to Lorelei King telling the story.

Listen to the SoundCloud link below to hear why