Equations of Life - Simon Morden

When I summarise what's in "Equations Of Life", I realise I should be raving about how good this book is. 


How can I resist a story about a Russian street punk turned physics genius, living under a false identity in a post-apocalyptic Britain where only London has survived, who, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, gives in to impulse and rescues a young Japanese woman from kidnappers, almost gets himself killed, gets rescued by an gun-toting, armour-wearing nun, suffers heart failure and on being revived, discovered that the father of the woman he rescued runs the London Yakuza?


"Equations Of Life" has smart physicists, a young Japanese girl who wields a Katana, a psychopathic, schizophrenic AI,  a very tall, very fit, very dangerous, nineteen year old nun, and an ex-criminal hero whose conscience my just get him killed - again.


And yet, I'm hesitating to buy the second book in the trilogy. Somehow, I never really connected with our hero or his plight. I felt as if I were in a video game. It was novel and often exciting but it never truly felt real.