The Scorpion Rules - Erin Bow

"The Scorpion Rules" sat on my TBR list for a long time because I felt it was going to be grim and I didn't feel up to it.


It is grim but it is a beautifully told story about really bad things.


The basic premise is that, 400 years before the story, an AI took over the world, to save humanity from destroying themselves, and made war illegal. The AI takes a child from every ruler and holds them hostage. In the event that war is declared, the lives of the hostages of the warring parties are forfeit. The story is told from the point of view of a fifteen year old Princess who has been held hostage since she was five.


I'm about half-way through at the moment and the nearest comparison I can think of is "Hunger Games" but that's more for the impact of it than the content. It makes me think. It makes me angry and it twists my emotions around the writer's little finger. Wonderful stuff.