Counterfeit Magic - Kelley Armstrong, Maurizio Manzieri

I picked this novella as a way of getting back into the "Women Of Otherworld" series. I read the first half a dozen novels in the series very close together and then got distracted.


"Counterfeit Magic" is a fun story with murders, supernatural fight clubs, family intrigue and some quite witty dialogue.


If you haven't read the other books about Paige Winterbourne: "Dime Store Magic", "Industrial Magic" or at least, "Stolen" then this novella is going to be as confusing as starting "Game Of Thrones"  at Season 2, Episode 5 (only without the violence and the sex).


For the fans, this is an opportunity to see Savannah all grown up (well, at least Savannah at twenty-one) and going undercover in a supernatural fight club and to see Paige struggle with keeping her identity when the powerful around her keep seeing her as an important man's wife rather than an person with power of her own.


It's an entertaining read and, even though Paige is not one of my favourite characters (too goody goody and middle class) it was enough to make we want to continue with the series.