No Time Like The Past (The Chronicles of St Mary Book 5) - Jodi Taylor

"No Time Like The Past" was something of a curate's egg: good in parts. 


Like its predecessors, it evokes the rambunctious spirit of St. Mary's and contains some remarkable descriptions of time's past, most notably in this case, the battle of Thermopylae.


The future of St Mary's is under threat. There are fights and murders and even a wedding and yet I never really managed to make an emotional connection with "No Time Like The Past".


This seemed to me to be a store-bought version of the St. Mary's cake: it had the same shape and colour as the real thing but the intense flavour and sensation of freshness was missing. 


It was a fun read, but, if it had been my first St. Mary's book, I might not have made it to a second.