Grave Surprise - Charlaine Harris

Like "Grave Sight", the first book in the series, "Grave Surprise" is constructed around the consequences of Harper using her strange gift for finding the dead and knowing how they died. The plot is complex enough to be satisfying and plausible enough not to be irritating but the real focus of the book is to give a deeper insight into about Harper and her relationships to her family.


During the book, I was curious to find out who the bad guy was but the real fascination was in learning more about Harper's background and her relationship with the men in her life, especially her "brother" and the pierced and tattooed young psychic.


Harper is both fragile and strong. The two parts of her are bound together by her bravery and her need to find the truth.


Harris succeeds in getting the reader to see the world through Harper's eyes and to sympathise with that point of view. All the little details are right and the pace is well-managed.


I would have been happier with a little less need to recap the first book in the second but it was still a fun read.