The Last Of The Moon Girls - Barbara Davis

The Last Of The Moon Girls' is a catchy title. The cover is eye-catching and has a wistful feel to it.

The premise also has promise: our heroine is the last of a long line of Moon women, each gifted in their own special way, who have lived at Moon Farm in a small New England town. She's stepped away from The Path, fleeing the farm after her grandmother is assumed to have murderer two dead girls whose bodies are found on the farm. Eight years later, after her grandmother's death, our heroine returns to tidy up affairs and stays to clear her grandmother's name.

Sounds like the basis for a good mystery/thriller with a twist of magic to add spice.

But it isn't.

From what I've seen so far, this is a romance. It's wrapped in an investigation into the murder of the two girls and tied up with a bow of pagan magic but its got in its DNA it's a Romance.

I could roll with that except I don't find the people believable. Our heroine seems barely to have grown up. The man helping her is so nice, butter wouldn't melt. The woman staying at the farm is a psychic from central casting.

Everything seems a little too neat and tidy to be real. It's like those shows on American TV where the actors all seem to have been taught the same set of facial expressions so that they can emote on command: I always know what they mean. I just don't believe they really mean it.

If you're looking for a cosy New England romance with a few trope twists and a garnish of mystery and magic then I think you'd enjoy 'The Last Of The Moon Girls'.

I'm setting it aside as a poor buying decision on my part or at least a poor selection from the free books Amazon offered this month.