Unchained - Shayne Silvers

You know when you open a. graphic novel painted by an artist you like, one with a familiar style and a favourite palette and although the novel is about a new character, you immediately feel you’ve read it before? « Unchained » is like that.


The opening is violence in the rain, a young women haunted by violence in her past, magical weapons, beasts attacking with fangs and claws and an old (at least to the young woman) male mentor playing distant, disciplinarian but loving, father figure. I’ve been here.


Except I’ve not had the old guy work for the Vatican before. Or have a woman, apparently in her twenties, sound so much like a teenager.


It’s formulaic but slick. The images a clear. The pacing is fine. The characterization either hasn’t happened yet or is going to be of the « you could be this young girl » type, which would work better if I wasn’t a man in my sixties.


 I’m going to let it entertain me and try to switch off the annoying old guy sitting in my head going, « Ha! You expect ME to believe THAT?´. He sometimes forgets how to have fun.