My latest addition to my TBR pile is an award-winning speculative fiction anthology "Shades Within Us: tales of migration and fractured borders".


I think the theme of migration and what it means to those who migrate, those left behind and those who already live at the migrants' destination is a rich one and a timely focal point for speculative fiction.


I was drawn to the collection because two authors who I follow have written original stories for it, Karin Lowachee and Seanan McGuire.


I'm looking forward to reading this collection.


Take a look at the publisher's summary and the list of contributors and see if it interests you.


Publisher's Summary

Journey with twenty-one speculative fiction authors through the fractured borders of human migration to examine assumptions and catch a glimpse of the dreams, struggles, and triumphs of those who choose--or are forced--to leave home and familiar places. Who straddle borders within our worlds--and within us.


Migration. A transformation of time, place, and being . . .


We are called drifters, nomads. We are expatriates, evacuees, and pilgrims. We are colonists, aliens, explorers; strangers, visitors--intruders, conquerors--exiles, asylum seekers, and . . . outsiders.


An American father shields his son from Irish discrimination. A Chinese foreign student wrestles to safeguard her family at the expense of her soul. A college graduate is displaced by technology. A Nigerian high school student chooses between revenge and redemption. A bureaucrat parses the mystery of Taiwanese time travellers. A defeated alien struggles to assimilate into human culture. A Czechoslovakian actress confronts the German WWII invasion. A child crosses an invisible border wall. And many more.


Stories that transcend borders, generations, and cultures. Each is a glimpse into our human need in face of change: to hold fast to home, to tradition, to family; and yet to reach out, to strive for a better life.


Editors and Contributors


Susan Forest (Editor),  Lucas K. Law (Editor), 


Vanessa CarduiElsie ChapmanKate HeartfieldS.L. Huang
Tyler KeevilMatthew Kressel,  Rich Larson,  Tonya Liburd
Karin LowacheeSeanan McGuireJulie Nováková, Heather OsborneSarah RaughleyAlex ShvartsmanAmanda Sun,  Jeremy Szal
Hayden TrenholmLiz Westbrook-TrenholmChristie Yant,  Alvaro Zinos-Amaro