Post-Human Series Books 1-4 - David  Simpson
Based on the glowing reviews I'd seen, I bought an ebook omnibus containing the four novels that make up David Simpson's "Post-Human" series, which explores what happens when AI becomes real.

I didn't make it through the first book, "Sub-Human".

"Sub-Human" is packed with informed ideas about AI and its consequences. It has action on every page. The plot is very fast paced. It would make a great comic (Graphic Novel if that makes you feel more grown-up) or a TV series.

As a novel, it is so under-written that it would make the average TV script for "Agents of Shield" seem like densely-written literature.

There is no characterisation, no empathy for the people and their situation, just a dash through action scenes that act as vehicles to test out AI concepts.

The level of insight into what makes people tick was so low that, if there was a Turing Test for novels, this book would fail it.