The View from Flyover Country - Sarah Kendzior

I've only read the introduction so far and I'm already hooked. 


This seems like a book that gives a voice to all those suffering from America's economic decline, systematic corruption and wealth tilt towards the coasts.


Here's a two-paragraph extract to show you what I'm hooked by:


"The United States’ current contentious climate is the flip side of the false promise of hope we saw half a decade ago. In the aftermath of the recession, hope was wielded like a weapon by corporations that lured in desperate Americans with exploitative assurances: work for low wages now and you will be rewarded with a raise later; rack up college debt because a steady job is guaranteed. Hope was flaunted by pundits and politicians safely ensconced in elite coastal enclaves, who implied—with their endless proclamations that prosperity awaited if you worked for it—that the lack of prospects for the rest of us must be our own fault.


Above all, we were told not to complain. Don’t complain about exploitation. Don’t complain about discrimination. Don’t complain that you feel trapped. Don’t complain, because the problem is not real—don’t complain, because then people will think the problem is you."