I've recently discovered Brian Bilston's poetry and now I can't get enough of it so, when I was told he'd written some Brexit poetry, I had to go and sample it.


There are several poems to choose from but one, in particular, stood out for me. Imagining Bing Crosby singing "Have Yourself A Brexit Little Christmas"was the poem I need to get me through a day when I'd listened to Theresa May, who has created a climate of hate, division and State-engineered poverty, calling for us to "Come together" for Brexit and then ground my teeth at Jeremy Corbyn promising Labour will bring a "Better Brexit" without any recognition that repudiating our responsibility for shaping fair labour laws across the EU and removing workers rights to freedom of movement is a crime against socialism, I needed gallows humour to get through the day.


So here it is. Sing it along with me. Pass it on to your friends. And encourage them all to go to Brian Bilston's site. There they'll read about how Brexit would treat Paddington Bear as well as finding a kindred spirit who recognises the true nature of the advocate of smug, educated, assholery: Jeremy Clarkson.

brexit christmas.001