I'm having fun with this but I'm finding some doors more challenging than others. 


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With nine doors open, I have completed nine tasks and read four books, even though I haven't done any of the tasks for Mawlid An-Nabi or The Day Of Penance.


Since the last update, I've completed: 


a trope too farA Trope Too Far: three tropes that turn me off for International Tolerance Day. 






harvestFor Thanksgiving Day I completed two tasks: Thanksgiving Task 4 - an embarrassment of riches and The three books that I've read this year that I'm most thankful for








Not surprisingly perhaps, I'm making better progress with the books. 


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So far, I've really enjoyed the books for this challenge. Since the last update, I've  finished:


billy-lynns-long-halftime-walkisbn9781409171058the remarkable "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk" about serving soldiers on a "victory tour" of America after being filmed winning a gun battle in Iraq (Ang Lee's movie, based on the book, will be released this month) and the excellent "Lies Sleeping" which is the seventh book in the Rivers of London/Peter Grant series.




Crimson Lake audiobook coverI'm part way through the grim but gripping "Crimson Lake" about a murder in Cairns that is being investigated by two unusual private detectives: one a convicted murderer and the other charge but not tried for paedophilia. There aren't that many books set in "The Top End" of Australia and even fewer with such apparently unsympathetic main characters but Candice Fox manages to make the location and the people work to produce a compelling





32681108I've got some great reads lined up for the other Doors. I'm excited about the next one, "The Seven Rules Of Elvira Carr", which I'm reading for Tolerance Day. Elvira is on the Aspergers Spectrum and the book looks at how she makes sense of the behaviour of the allegedly normal people around her. My wife's just finished this and rates it as one of her best reads this year.