The Festive Tasks have been blowing in a flurry and I'm struggling to keep up with them but I'm having fun.


So far, I've managed at least one task per open door


task update.001



iuhere liesDoor 1, The Day Of The Dead, had me satirising Jack Reacherin verse (an easy target really) and sharing Rochester's epitaph for King Charles II.







Door 2, Guy Fawkes Night,  had me accusing Librarians, Publishers and Reviewers of Treason against books








6BE3A796-61CA-4155-BFA1-73F11E51FE5FDoor 3, the Melbourne Cup, slightly bizarrely brought me to Hogwarts to visit with the Sorting Hat









DrjtzSoWoAE1YwkDoor 4, Diwali, brought me to a light show in preparation for Remembrance Sunday and some reflections on what it means.







Books are going more slowly. I've read the first two and have just started the next two (the ones with greyed out covers below).


books update.001