blackout bingo.001


With last square, called on the last day, I'm able to celebrate Halloween with a BlackoutBingo.


I've had a good time doing this.


It was a blast to read books at a rate of about four a week. I wouldn't want to sustain that rate for long as doesn't allow me enough time to digest what I'm reading but it was a kind of reader's equivalent of the sugar high kids get when they consume their Halloween booty.


I loved seeing lots of people reading the same or similar books and sharing views on them.


I benefited from recommendations, both in what I read for Halloween Bingo and what I'll pick up after it. In particular, I read "The Elementals", "Brat Farrar" and "Dark Matter" because of recommendations and they were all wonderful reads by authors I'll be returning to.


Reading is a solitary thing. It's one of the things I like about it. My inner introvert uses it to switch off all the noise going on in my head. But AFTER I've read, THEN I want to share. Halloween Bingo made that sharing a lot of fun.


Thank you, everyone who took part and kept the whole thing so positive. I'll be back again next year I hope.