Speaking from Among the Bones - Alan Bradley

The first dead body has already been found but I have the feeling that there are more to come.


Favourite Flavia quotes so far 


The opening sentences:


"Blood dripped from the neck of the severed head and fell in a drizzle of red raindrops, clotting into a ruby pool upon the black and white tiles. The face wore a grimace of surprise, as if the man died in the middle of a scream."


Then a burst of joy at the start of chapter three:


"It was one of those glorious days in March when the air was so fresh that you worshipped every whiff of it; that each breath of the intoxicating stuff created new universes in your lungs and brain you were certain were about to explode with sheer joy; one of those blustery days of scudding clouds and piddling showers and gum boots and wind-blown brollies that made you know you were truly alive."


And finally, some reflections while feeling slighted by her sister:


"Whenever I'm a little blue I think about cyanide, whose colour so perfectly reflects my mood."