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Brat farrar

I've finished Brat Farrar for the Murder Most Foul square. What a remarkable book. I don't think I've ever read anything quite like it. I'll ponder it and then write a review.


The square hasn't been called yet but I followed my fancy with this one.







I'm about half-way through the "High Lonesome Sound" for the New Release square. It had a slightly patchy start and suffered more than a little by comparison to  Josephine Tey's prose but it's getting into its stride now.






The ElelmentatlsThe Southern Gothic square has just been called. I'm looking forward to reading The Elementals for this, but I'm going to wait a while because today, I found an audiobook version of "The Picture Of Dorian Gray" read by Stephen Fry.




The Picture Of Dorian Gray


He's the perfect choice of narrator for this story about the impact of decadence by Oscar Wilde. I've decided that it will be a much better fit for the Darkest London square than my original choice of Barbara Nadel's "A Private Business". I can't wait to start it. The Elementals will still be there when I'm done.