Desert Dark - Sonja Stone

I wanted a lighter side to my Summer Of Spies reading so I picked up Desert Dark, knowing from the publisher's summary that it was a YA adventure book about a sixteen-year-old heroine attending a school for spies.


Well, it's light and fast and very YA. It started with an attempt on our heroine's life, did a "Three months earlier.." flip followed by an up close and personal murder.


Yet what caught me by surprise is our young heroine's reaction to her situation.


Day One of her new school she's put through a psych eval, finally told the kind of school she's been conned into signing up for and then been threatened with indefinite detention without charge under the Patriot Act if she tells anyone about it.


Her reaction?


"So I really get to work for CIA Black Ops? How cool is that?"


Suddenly, I'm in a parallel universe. Can you imagine any teen reacting that way?


I mean, is this kind of patriotic enthusiasm for illegal, lethal, organisations that set themselves outside of control by the democratic process in order to kill America's enemies a plausible response?


Yeh, I know, it's ENTERTAINMENT. It's not real. But still. Really?