Who is Vera Kelly? - Rosalie Knecht

I slid straight in to "Who Is Vera Kelly", carried along by the prose and by the clear, calm way in which Vera describes herself and her situation.


We meet two Veras in the book - the 1957 not-quite-eighteen Vera, in emotional distress and heading towards juvie and 1966 Vera who works for the CIA undercover in Argentina collecting covert surveillance material on politicians and dissidents.


Neither Vera discusses the other. Both are fully occupied by their present.


What links them is a deep awareness of their isolation and their inability to live authentic lives without running the risk of being punished for their sexual orientation.


How 1957 Vera became 1966 Vera, working for a CIA that has a policy of not knowingly employing gay people because of the risk of blackmail isn't clear to me yet but I'm looking forward to finding out.


Vera is a spy and she's undercover but I suspect that the real point here is that she's been undercover her whole life.