Tracker: A Fox Walker Novel - Indy Quillen



An entertaining thriller that makes a fast, light, weekend read and creates some real page-turning tension.


The Story:


Native American with phenomenal tracking skills helps search mountain forest in Colorado for a serial killer and finds a woman living in the wild. As he tries to look after her others are trying to find her, including a reporter from a trashy magazine, some FBI consultants and perhaps a serial killer.


Things I Liked:


Good pacing, taking enough time to bring the bits of the story together yet winding up to real I-have-to-turn-the-next-page-RIGHT-NOW tension at the end.


Clear, credible descriptions of how to live in a forest, using only what you find there and a clear sense of place. I could see the forests and the mountains clearly.


The empathy built for the "Wild Woman" and her simple view of life in the natural world.


The slow trust-building process that Walker used with her was well-described.


The fact that our heroine looks after herself rather than waiting to be rescued.


The action scenes at the end are well-timed. clearly described and deliver perfect tension.


Things I Thought Could Have Been Better


I struggled with the way Fox Walker spoke. He didn't sound like any Native American I've ever met. The perceived inauthenticity bothered me. It bordered on the patronising, although I'm certain that wasn't the author's intent.


The final scene was a bit too soppy for me. I thought the outcome was plausible but the speed felt contrived.