How To Be Brave - Louise Beech

I only listened to ninety minutes of an eleven-hour book so I'm not giving a star rating but I'm certain this book is not for me.


I liked the story idea - nine-year-old-girl dramatically passes out and is diagnosed as having Type 1 diabetes, her mother has to cope with the consequences alone except for the perhaps ghostly intervention from a dead but still inspirational great-grandfather.


I feel bad about not liking this book beause is semi-autobiographical and I can feel the authenticity of the experience but that's not enough. I found the pace slow, it's a little over-written while still managing to be slightly dull. Where I'd hoped for passion, I found sentiment that verges on Hallmark.


I think I may not be nice enough for this book. I reacted badly to its wholesomeness.


Others may value this book for its uplifting message and the sincerity of the author and the love that obviously went into it, but I'm moving on.