Star Witch - Helen   Harper, Tanya Eby

This is a joyful, tongue-in-cheek, piece of fun. It's an ice cream sundae with scoops of witty humour, cosy mystery, and dissected Reality TV, topped with smooth swirls of Rom-Com and sprinkled with the occasional zombie.


It takes a deft touch to write something this light and get it right but Helen Harper makes it seem easy, 


I started "Star Witch" on a day when I'd been struck down by a merciless head cold. Not only did "Star Witch" provide me with an escape but it kept me smiling throughout and sometimes made me laugh out loud.


"Star Witch" carries on from "Slouch Witch". This time, the Order (who expelled her in her youth and who she rescued in "Slouch Witch"), ask Ivy to go under-cover on her favourite Reality TV Show, "Enchantment"  Ivy's never missed an episode but is put off by the prospect of all that work. Still, it gives her the opportunity to work with the man she has a big crush on and she'll get to see how reality TV works.


The book moves along at a pace, with Ivy's dry humour slicing left and right. There's a real plot and even a strong sense of threat at times.


Tanya Eby does a good job as the narrator, even though she inexplicably give Ivy an American accent.


I recommend it to anyone who wants to free their mind for a while and go to a better place with fun-to-be-with people.