Dance, Gladys, Dance - Cassie Stocks

I bought this because I was looking for new, to me, Canadian authors. I wasn't sure what to expect. Now I'm not sure what I have except that it's unusual and promisese to he highly entertaining if read with an open mind.


Our heroine is looking, at twenty-seven, for a fresh start where she can put aside her former life as would-be artist and live a life more ordinary.


"Who was I going to be? I was more inclined towards inertia than upward mobility and didn’t  like most people enough to devote my life to helping others less fortunate than myself. I’d work somewhere, I thought, watch TV in the evenings, and become wholly involved in the lives of non-existent people. I’d develop my own life of quiet desperation, as Emerson’s buddy Thoreau suggested the mass of men (and, presumably, women) led."


To help with this self-imposed task, she comes up with Five Steps To An Ordinary Life:

"1. Get a real job.

2. Stop seeing the world as a series of potential paintings.

3. Learn how to talk about the weather.

4. Do the things that normal people do.

5. Figure out what normal people actually do."