I don't have regular access to English language bookshops, so I buy most of my books online.


Deprived of the bookstore browsing option that used to occupy me for hours each week, I now depend on promotions from Amazon/Audible, spiced up whatever the people I follow here have read recently.


A while ago, someone here  shared a link to IndieBound and their Indie Next List. I'm sharing it again because I've found is so helpful


logoIndieBound is a community of independent bookstores that promotes books and the independent booksellers who provide them.


If you're in the US, IndieBound gives you the option to browse online and then buy the book from an independent bookseller close to you with a few clicks.




201802The Indie Next List is a monthly list of recommendations from independent booksellers of books published that month that they admire.


I've been using the Indie Next List for six months now and it's helped me move beyond the Amazon/Audible playlist to find new authors and great reads. 


If you're looking to leven your reading with recommendations based on love of books rather than recommender algorithms, the Indie Next List is for you.