So here's the New York Times' view of the Top Ten Novels of 2017


I went through the list and discarded trendy books that I'd already decided weren't for me: "Lincoln In The Bardo" (too maudlin), "Manhattan Beach" (falls apart in the second half) and "Exit West" (not interested in the topic),


I did find four books that were new to me and that are resting patiently on my virtual TBR pile. Take a look and if any of them call to you.




sing-unburied-sing-9781508237549_hrSing, Unburied, Sing

This isn't a usual choice for me. I normally avoid all the  American South angst and search for identity. It's too painful and too far from my experience.
When I listened to the extract on audible, the language called to me. There's a voice there with something to say and the words to make me feel it.
This is a roll of the dice. I'm intrigued by the idea of just following the music.
If it's as anarchic and fresh as it seems to be, I'll be well pleased.
This was the perfect sell: beautiful cover, narrated by the author in a distinctive voice that delighted my ears and a killer opening sentence -
"This fairy tale begins in 1968, during a garbage strike."
Irish-American nuns in Brooklyn, a young pregnant widow, pan-generational consequences.
How am I supposed to resist that?