Remembrance Sunday 2017.png

I'm the first member of my family for three generations to have lived my life without a war between the major European powers. I live in peace.


I know that peace was hard won and is heavily defended.


Now I see the greed of billionaires stirring hatred and division and trying to sell national glory once more.


Our glory lies in peace. Our wars should be fought to defend that peace.


So today I remember the millions slaughtered in World War I for no good reason. Those who survived built the Cenotaph in Liverpool that the picture above comes from. They promised never to let it happen again.


I remember the millions of civilians, fighters and prisoners who died because of the rise of right-wing dictators in Germany and Italy. The ones who survived built the UN and the Welfare State and promised never to let democracy be taken from us again.


I remember the hundreds of millions of people who have lived in peace for the past sixty years because we have been brave enough to work together across Europe to keep the promises that those who survived made on behalf of those who were slaughtered.