Jane Harper   has just won the  Gold Dagger, the top award, from the UK's Crime Writers' Association for her debut novel, "The Dry"



Jane was born in the UK, raised in Australia, worked in the UK and Australia as a journalist and now lives in AustraTHE DRYlia, working as a novelist.



I read "The Dry" back in June and was impressed by the powerful way Jane Harper evoked a small Australian town so worn out by drought and failure that it's ready to combust. I said then that:

“The Dry” seeps into your imagination like a stain. It clings to you like a smell of something foul that you can’t wash out of your hair.”






Her second novel, "Force Of Nature" is out now, although I have to wait until February for the audio version I've ordered.


I think Jane Harper is a talent to watch. Try her if you'd like to hear a fresh voice in gritty crime fiction.