Weeping: A Fritillary Quilter Mystery (Fritillary Quilter Mysteries) - Shelly Reuben

"Weeping" is a peculiar novel, part murder mystery, part fire investigation manual, but mostly a, first person, let-me-tell-about-what-I-love-and-why, from a personable young woman, called Fritillary Quilter (named after a butterfly)  who goes from accidental arsonist at the age of eleven to fire investigator in her twenties and wants to share with you exactly why that happened, how she feels about it, what makes it exciting and how it's all odd but true.


Sorry for the long sentence but the book feels like one.


I thought "Weeping" was quiet fun, mainly because I like Fritillary (or Tilly for short) and found her enthusiasm for, well... almost everything, infectious.


The plot is respectably complex. The details on fire detection are an (entertaining) education but the success of the book lies on whether or not you like Fritillary. This is the story of who she is. The rest is incidental.