I live in Switzerland, where there is no dedicated audible site, so I maintain a membership of and so that I can get as wide an access as possible to audiobooks. Normally, I buy from whichever platform has the book I'm looking for.


Today, I decided it was time to buy my next set of book credits from both sites. I'd assumed that, allowing for currency variation, they'd both cost about the same amount. They don't.


If I buy 24 credits at, each credit costs £4.58 or $5.77


If I buy 24 credits at, each credit costs $9.56


This means that, if I buy a book that's available on both sites (which is most fo them), I pay 65% more for buying it from


To put it another way, what I pay for 24 books on would buy me 39 books on


I assume that this kind of price difference can only be sustained because most people don't have the choice of using both sites.


Perhaps those of you who live in the US should write to audible and ask what it is about books in the US that makes them so much more valuable?