invisible TBR pile

My book shelves are full, but mostly with books that I've already read. OK, I have a FEW shelves of books that I really mean to read one day honest, but nothing that would make me into a hoarder. 40-50 books at most. Barely six months supply.


For the past few years I've been buying mostly audiobooks and a few ebooks and they take up no space at all, so it's all good... isn't it.


Not really.


Audiobooks and ebooks are just so easy to buy. And there are so many of them. And they don't cost much. And anyway, you can't stop a series part way through. And you have to keep up with the new stuff. And I read a LOT. Good Reads tells me that, since January 2014, I've read 217 books, which is more than 7 books a month so I don't have a problem.


Well, yeah, I do.


My problem is that my TBR pile is digitial and therefore invisible so I tend to ignore it and just buy the next book I fancy and read whatever book tempts me on my phone.


Today,  I set up a "TBR  - bought but untouched" shelf on Good Reads and put all my unread digital stuff there.


The TBR shelf has 248 books on it.


At 7 books a month, that's almost 3 YEARS worth of books.


I feel like I'm an alcoholic who thinks they don't have a problem because the whiskey bottles are invisible.


So I'm going to work on my digital TBR shelf.