ipad mini 2

I get most of my books from Audible and listen to them on my SmartPhone. Occasionally,  I come across a book that I can't get an audio version of, like "Angel City" by Jon Steele or  an audiobook with a narrator that I can't listen to, like "The Silvered" by Tanya Huff, and I buy the ebook version.


I can read these on my Smartphone or my laptop but neither option is comfortable. I looked at buying a Kindle, but they restrict what markets I can buy my books from (a UK Kindle only lets me buy books from Amazon.co.uk) which doesn't work for me. I didn't want to buy an iPad because they're so expensive.


On Friday, I was in a local department store and saw something I've never seen before: brand new Apple products on sale. I picked up an iPad Mini 2 for half the price of the newer iPad Mini 4.


I've had the thing in my hands for the past couple of days and I'm very please with it. It's compact and light-weight. It feels comfortable in my hand and will be easy to travel with.- Most importantly, the 7.9" retina display enables easy reading, especially when I crank up the text size to pamper my aging eyes. The Kindle software works fine on the iPad. I avoid the iBook ap because ebooks from Apple are maintained at an artificially high price so as to generate a thirty per cent margin.


The low price for the iPad Mini 2 reflects the fact that the technology is now almost three years old, making it the slowest iPad still sold new but it does everything I need of an e-reader and still lets me browse the Internet if I need to .


I predict more ebooks in my future.