Kitty's Big Trouble - Carrie Vaughn

This is my least favourite Kitty Norville book so far. It was still a fun read but nothing that would have caught my attention if this was the only book in the series that I'd read.


"Kitty's Big Trouble" starts well enough: Kitty is trying to validate some contemporary testimony that General Sherman was a werewolf. Then she goes off to Dodge in search of a Vampire nest that was allegedly wiped out by Wyatt Earp. It was good fun and I was looking forward to more.


Then Kitty responds to a call from Anastasia for help against Roman who is "seeking an artefact of great power" in San Francisco and the most of the rest of the book is spent in one busy but not particularly entertaining night, running around in mystical tunnels in China Town.


Kitty's trouble didn't seem that big to me. The dive into Chinese mythology was handled well but didn't really go anywhere, ending in yet another inconclusive stand-off with the allegedly deadly Roman.


There were some good lines along the way and some interesting action scenes but overall this felt like a transition book: moving the story arc of the series along but not having enough substance to stand alone.