Kitty Goes to War - Carrie Vaughn

I enjoyed this Kitty book more than its immediate predecessors which frustrated me because Kitty rarely involved her pack in anything, even though she's the alpha; we heard virtually nothing from her radio show and  and her mate, Ben, kept being sent out of the way while Kitty saved the day.


"Kitty Goes To War" has everything I was looking for. It was a delight from beginning to end.


The main plot is about werewolves, in this case, militarised werewolves ( a black op pack gone wild - great idea). Kitty and her pack do their best to bring the wild ones back from the edge and Kitty learns a lot about what it means to be the dominant wolf, even when the others are bigger than you.


We hear more of Kitty's talk radio show, "The Midnight Hour", which always puts a smile on my face and this time led to a bizarre confrontation with the owner of the EZMart convenience store chain when occult occurrences keep being linked to his stores. It was an original and well managed twist.


Cormac is back. I always enjoyed him but never liked him. Hey, the first time we met him he'd been hired to kill Kitty. That's not exactly a character reference. Now he's out of prison and not behaving like himself, at least not all the time. The outcome of that sub-plot caught me by surprise and promises good things for future books.


Ben and Kitty finally seem to be working out as a real couple and the book is richer for it.


It seems to me that Carrie Vaughn has pulled everything together in this book. If the series keeps on like this, I will be a very happy reader.