The Proclaimers


Way back in 1987, two red-haired, bespectacled, Scottish twin brothers, calling themselves "The Proclaimers" hit the UK charts with "This Is The Story" album, a unique brand of Scottish punk/folk/rock ballads that was different to anything I'd ever heard. It went Gold and "Letter From America" became one of my favourite songs.


The following year they released "Sunshine On Leith"  which  contained three hit songs:  "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)", "Sunshine on Leith" and "I'm on My Way". It went Platinum. 

Sunshine On Leith Film Poster

I haven't thought much about the Proclaimers this century, although I remember them fondly. Then, last week, I saw a listing for a movie called "Sunshine On Leith", built around their songs and decided to watch it.


It was an absolute gem of a movie.


Set in Edinburgh, it tells the story of two soldiers returning from a tour of duty and trying to make new lives for themselves.


There's a lot of humour in the movie but also a fair amount of realism about what makes or breaks relationships.


Twenty proclaimer songs are built into the story and they work perfectly. The acting is strong and the direction is a joyful mix of Scottish romcom meets Bollywood dance movie. The final scene of the movie is pure Scottish Bollywood.  


If you want to be cheered up, see some great shots of Edinburgh, listen to some foot-tapping music that will stay in your head for days and enjoy a few happy ever after moments, then check out "Sunshine In Leith".