WordPress isn't listening

Today,  a WordPress blogger called Bookie Wordpress left a comment on my review of "Ancillary Justice"  saying:

"You can download science fiction e-books for free on my blog" 

I assumed the blog was giving away free copies of books they had written or published so I went to check it out. When I got there I found that this blogger is running a pretty, well-presented site that is giving away pdf copies of other people's books, apparently in a spirit of altruism and with the intent of getting more people to read good books.

I replied to the comment, saying:

I believe in paying for the books I read. I also believe in public libraries. I think making pdf copies of ebooks and distributing them is criminal, however pretty the site is that you do it from.

I decided to take this one step further and let WordPress know about this site, so that they would have the opportunity to take it down without me having to go to the trouble of contacting the copyright holders.


This should have been simple. If you want to report the content of any site you just have to right click on the three circles next to the Follow button. Unfortunately, when you get there, you are given only the following choices:


You are reporting the following web address: https://bookiewordpress.wordpress.com

Why are you reporting this?

You can only report copyright infringement if you are the person who owns the copyright.

It seems that WordPress does not want to know if it is being used to promote and distribute illegal copies of works covered by copyright.


This could be read as tacit approval of the activity.


I'd like some re-assurance from WordPress that they are ready to hear about this kind of activity and will act upon it when copyright has been infringed.