The Single Undead Moms Club - Molly Harper

I'm always happy to have another opportunity to visit with the vampires and weres in Half-Moon Hollow. This is my tenth trip there so I know the backstory of most of the people and have seen their (albeit undead) lives move forward. Molly Harper's mix of light humour, gentle romance and supernatural misadventures is as relaxing as a cold Margareta in a hot bath.


"The Single Undead Moms Club" (Is it just me, or should there be an apostrophe in that title?) introduces Libby, a single mother diagnosed with terminal cancer, who arranges to have herself turned into a vampire so she can see her son grow up. The book tracks the early days of her newly undead life, including the reaction of the other mothers at her son's school to having a vampire member of the PTA.


I enjoyed the book but it wasn't as much fun as its predecessors.


I've seen a few people die of cancer so I found the beginning of the book, where Libby describes her symptoms and being diagnosed, too fraught to be fun.


"The Single Undead Moms Club" is a romantic comedy with fangs. The romance is fine. The sex is... unavoidable... I tend to fast forward the audiobook at these points so that I minimise my exposure to steamy-but-nice clichés involving heat-flooded cores and throbbing manhood. Unfortunately, where other books in the series have iced the romance sponge with fatal threats and mysterious bad-guys, "The Single Undead Moms Club" never really moved much beyond the romance, except in Libby's dealings with the PTA.


Bizarrely, the reality of being a mother in a small American town felt more alien than the workings of The Vampire Council. The spiteful pettiness of the women in the PTA felt depressingly real. Thankfully, it was also a good source of humour.


My main disappointment with the book was that I never really got inside Libby's head. I saw her reactions to everything that happened and I learnt about her backstory but she didn't get under my skin.