Ashes to Ashes - Tami Hoag

I bought this because the series is popular, had it for $4.95 and I was in the mood for something new.


It turned out that this wasn’t what I was in the mood for and even$4.95 seemed to much to pay.


If “Ashes To Ashes” was a much shorter book, it would make an average, serial killer, police procedural novel. At its present length it grinds along at a very slow pace with way too much detail being given to the gruesome bits.


The book has all its clichés lined up: twisted but intelligent serial killer, FBI man having a mid-life crisis, ex-FBI woman trying to create a new life on the side of the angels but being messed around by her unfinished business with the FBI man. Battle-scarred cop who always tries to do the right thing, even when that means disobeying instructions and self-serving and astonishingly stupid politicians (actually, in a year when Trump is a leading candidate for the Republicans, perhaps stupid shouldn’t be astonishing) who keep getting in the way.


I couldn’t bring myself to wade through all this at the pace that was being imposed by me. Life is too short, so it went on my Did Not Finish pile.