Keywest busking in Liverpool


We were walking through Liverpool One on a cold wet day (I'm beginning to think there'll never be any other kind) just after New Year and stopped to listen to a band busking on a corner.


It was a bunch of Irish lads with a distinctive sound that had people stopping and listening despite the rain. They started with a cover of Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" to get our attention and then moved on to songs of their own.


They introduced themselves as Keywest and told us that they were busking to build up their audience. When they told us they'd already hit number one in Ireland I thought it might be a line of chat but we bought their CDs anyway because they sounded so good.


It turned out they really did go to number one in Ireland, they've had sell-out tours and platinum records and are just about to release their third album.


You can find them on


Some of my favourites are below. Let me know if you like them.